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Throttle Body Service

Throttle Body Smoothing and Boring

  • We can bore your OEM TC throttle body or provide a new throttle body for an additional fee

 2006 TC Throttle Body Bored to 50mm   2006 TC Throttle Body Bored to 50mm

Throttle body smoothing and boring described

We have developed a parabolic shape that allows air to flow into the engine more effectively and efficiently.  The ridges found in the OEM assemblies will be machined into a single flowing surface to prevent convection currents.  You can choose from various diameters, we will be glad to discuss the size that will be best for your application.

Key Benefits

  • Increase engine output power
  • Reduce air flow restrictions
  • Enables engine to breath effectively

We perform rocker conversions and corrected geometries on following engine types

  • Motorcycles
    • Harley Davidson
      • Twin Cam '06 and later (Bored to 50mm)

We are constantly developing tooling to include more engines, contact us to see if we can provide this service on your throttle body, it is likely we can machine your throttle body to match your engine too.


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