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Rocker modifications and machining

Roller Rocker Services

  • Convert your OEM rocker arms into corrected geometry or stock geometry rollers rockers
  • Roller Rocker rebuild
  • Rocker ratios for special street and race applications including: 1.62 (Stock), 1.70, 1.75, 1.80, 1.85, 1.90, 1.95, 2.00.

Roller Rockers Converted from OEM

Corrected geometry rocker arms described

When using our corrected geometry rocker arms the valve stem end will form a right angle (90 degree) to the centerline of the rocker shaft at half lift.  At the same time the center of the pushrod ball, at half lift, will also form a right angle to the center of the rocker shaft.  This gives equal arc motions above and below the center of the rocker arm shaft for both the pushrod ball travel and the valve stem travel.

Using corrected geometries provides control and stability of the valve train at high RPMs.  Resulting in a more constant power curve as the RPM limits are raised.

Question: When do we recommend applying corrected geometry to your rocker arms?
Ans: A noticeable improvement in control and reliability will be found when corrected geometry rocker arms are used on cams with .625" lift and up.  The greater the lift of the cam the more important it will become to use corrected geometry rocker arms.

We perform rocker conversions and corrected geometries on following engine types

  • Motorcycles
    • Harley Davidson
      • Iron XL
      • Evo BT
      • Twin Cam
      • Knuckelhead
      • Panhead
    • Buell
    • Buell Blast
    • BMW
    • Moto Guzzi

We are constantly developing tooling to include more engines, contact us if yours is not listed, it is likely we work on your engine too.


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