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Baisley Oil Pump Gears

PS 22L Gear SetAn oil pump drive gear set to double the oil pump speed of the Big Twin engine. The benefits are two-fold; increased volume for improved cooling and lubrication in big engines, and improved oil scavenging to move oil out of the engine quickly for less internal drag and higher horsepower output. Oil pressure can be controlled by simply installing an optional oil pressure bleed-off system (instructions included).

Key Benefits

  • More power from reduced effort
  • Improved scavenging
  • Pressure can be controlled to match your needs

Gear Only Pricing

Description SKU # Price
Fits '90-'92 (2:1 ratio) PS 22M $105.00
Fits '93-present (2:1 ratio) PS 22L $105.00

Bleed off kits if ordered with gears

Description SKU # Price
PS 22M KJ KIT (JETS) PS 22M KJ $172.50
PS 22L KJ KIT (JETS) PS 22L KJ $172.50
PS 22M KV KIT (VALVE) PS 22M KV $249.99
PS 22L KV KIT (VALVE) PS 22L KV $249.99


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